6 Reasons Dentists Need Video Marketing

Video is a crucial part of any successful digital marketing plan.  The plan for your dental practice needs to include a blog full of rich, original content and a video library.  This influential form of media has the ability to deliver your message in a way that other types of marketing simply cannot.  With the advancement of smart phones, tablets and social media, your business stands to lose valuable market share to your competitors if you fail to add a video component to your marketing mix.  Here are five reasons why your dental digital marketing plan absolutely must include video:

Video Packs a Punch

Studies show that one minute of video can be just as powerful as 1.8 million written words.  Because video content engages the viewer both visually and audibly, it builds a faster connection with the viewer and elicits a stronger response.

Video Can Increase Conversion Rates.
Video can significantly improve landing page conversion rates.  For every dental practice client we have, the ones who use video in their marketing have the best conversion rates.  Check out this case study by EyeView Digital, and if you’d like to talk with us about how to increase your new patient conversion rates schedule an appointment with your account manager:

Video Can Increase Search Engine Rankings

Kissmetrics reports that video appears in 70 percent of the top 100 search results listings.  By optimizing your video for search engine traffic, you stand to boost your rankings and achieve a higher SERP (search engine results page).

Video Helps Build Your Brand

Video can be a very effective way to express your practice’s values and build brand awareness.  Videos are versatile and can be easily shared on social media sites, blogs and other online channels.  As your videos circulate around the web, awareness of your brand will only grow stronger.

Video Creates Familiarity

Being a dentist, you’re a specialty service provider.  A service provider that many people are scared of.  Let’s be frank, going to the dentist is a scary and anxiety riddled situation for a huge chunk of the population.  If you use video content to create familiarity with patients before ever meeting face to face, you can help to eliminate the fear.  People generally trust someone they know more than a complete stranger, so it helps to become a familiar, trustworthy face to your future clients through video marketing.  Also, by allowing a new patient the ability to see your office, the staff they’re going to meet when they arrive, etc., you can make even the most anxious of patients feel a bit more at ease in your chair.

Video Drives Sales

Consumers are 85 percent more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video about it, according to Invodo.  Do you want better case acceptance for Invisalign, CEREC, etc.?  Make videos about these solutions!  Tell patients you have them and why they need them!  Eventually, you’ll have patients calling your office requesting these products and solutions simply because they know what they are, how they work… and that YOU have them!

The message is clear: Video content needs to be a primary component of your dental practice’s digital marketing mix if you hope to stay relevant and competitive with today’s online consumers.  Are you not happy with your new patient numbers?  Interested in getting real practice growth through effective use of your marketing budget?  Contact us today for a FREE Practice Marketing Audit with a dental marketing expert from GrowPracticeGrow!

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