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“In the chaos of today’s digital landscape, dental practices have a unique opportunity to cut through the noise and build relationships with their patients like never before.  They just have to start.” 

– Sean Hamel, CEO 

We build dental websites optimized for local search and engagement.

Dentists pay too much for templated, generic websites and marketing services.  Grow Practice Grow builds custom solutions and connects dentists with their community so their marketing dollars work and they become more profitable.

Grow Practice Grow was born from the frustration of seeing dental practices paying exceedingly high prices for mediocre and mundane marketing.  GPG is a group of dental marketing experts who understand that it takes more than a cold, boring template website, stock photography, and a mediocre SEO strategy to help practices grow.  It takes unique solutions built for each practice individually.  It takes cultivating and developing your story and building your brand.

Is your marketing all it could be?  If you’re using a template website, stock photography, and canned content, the answer is no.  You didn’t go to dental school to be average.  Bland, stale, inauthentic, uninspired marketing is not who you are.  You’d never settle for average in other areas of life, why do you settle for average marketing?

Typically, a dental website is used as a digital placeholder where information on every clinical procedure and oral health topic is keyword loaded and stuffed into the cheapest template a web developer can crank out.  Then, an ineffective and generic SEO strategy is piled on for even more money per month with no real results to show for it.  Your cost-per-patient acquisition rises, your profitability falls, and your marketing continues to sputter along with no clear direction…

At Grow Practice Grow, your story and your website are much more than a placeholder.  Your website is a supplemental piece of an overall marketing strategy.  It compliments your brand and separates you from competitors.  You don’t need to discount your services or talk about the ins-and-outs of every clinical procedure.  Patients are looking for connection, likeability, and trust.  That’s where we come in.

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