How to Build Backlinks for Supercharged Dental Content

The most important part of any strong search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is to have relevant keywords (those terms your patients are searching for on Google) placed throughout your website’s content.  But while this will certainly help search engines index and rank your site, improving its visibility in organic search results, there are other strategies to help […]

Why A Dentist Needs A Blog

We’ve discussed the importance of content before [Read more about how Content is KING here].  For most new patients, the internet is the first place they look for a dentist.  Referrals are important.  Having a family or friend refer a medical professional carries a LOT of weight.  However, choosing a dentist usually comes down to […]

Curating Dental Content Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Today we discuss content curation. CURATION folks, different from content CREATION. Content curation is the process of finding, reading and pushing out information that is relevant to your audience–complementing and supplementing the content that you are creating on your own. Sounds like a lot of work, eh? Stay with me… The good news! Content curation […]