3 Steps to Absolutely Own Local Search

Are you paying over $500 per month for an SEO strategy that isn’t producing new patients? As a dentist, you are a local specialty service provider. A complex and expensive SEO strategy isn’t needed to drive local new patients to your office. Even if you practice in multiple locations, local search needs to be set up, effectively, for each market. Google estimates around 73% of all, yes all, online activity are from customers looking for local businesses in their area. This is advantageous for your dental practice and should be a cornerstone of your new patient strategy. The best part… you can do this yourself. Here’s what you need to know to get new patients in your practice.

Own Your Google Business Listing

Optimize your Google Business listing.  I mean really knock it out of the park.  First, claim your listing.  Verify it.  Next, go through and thoroughly complete your Google Business Listing. This will serve two purposes:

  • One, it will help patients find you.
  • Google will rank you higher if your listing is complete versus one that is incomplete. *Make sure that you select specific categories for your business.

Own Targeted Local PPC

If your plans for your practice include global conquest, that’s great. Most likely though, your ads don’t need to be seen by everyone all over the world. By setting up targeting, your ads will only display in a certain location or set of locations as specified. We recommend a 5-mile radius around the practice location. However, in more rural/urban locations, the radius may fluctuate.

Own Call Tracking

Your practice needs a solution to track and measure phone calls. Setup a call tracking phone number for every new patient source like Facebook, Google, radio, etc. This will help you to see which sources are producing new patients and which are not. Thus, you can optimize your advertising budget to profitable channels and make your marketing dollars much more intentional. This call tracking number needs to be connected to your Google Business Listing so that AdWords will pull the number into ads through it’s “location extension” feature. This allows more phone calls to generate on local searches and improve your AdWords quality score.


That’s it! That’s the “secret sauce” of effective local search. Sounds easy right? Not necessarily. You can do this yourself. However, we can make it easy by providing solutions to create, implement and manage all of the above for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the stream of new patients.

SEO Clarity for Dentists

You Deserve More

As a dentist, you deserve more.  You deserve more than overpriced services and the confusion, frustration, even fear that can come with any marketing agency’s pitch.  There are a lot of fancy words floating around out there like SEO, PPC, keywords, ranking, etc.  I’ve heard them all as I am sure you have, too.  The truth is, SEO is important.  However, it should not cost you an arm and a leg.

Common SEO Problems

Many dental practices are struggling in the same areas of SEO, so I put together a new e-book all about the 5 most common SEO mistakes that dental practices make.  You can pick up a free copy here, but first, I want to talk about your brand.  You see, SEO and PPC and a website that costs thousands aren’t the Pandora’s box that unlocks the riches of modern dentistry for you.  It’s all important, but the fact is, your patient is buying you.  Most consumers don’t care to know the details of a procedure, how expensive your tech is, how much granite you’ve had installed or the number of flat screen TVs you’ve got.  Those aspects tie into an awesome patient experience no-doubt, but in the end, they are buying you.  People want a dentist they like, know, and trust.  Think about it, how many of you have that office in town that’s been there forever, they do little to no marketing, and they are still killing it in the production department?  No matter what promo or discounts you run or what you give away, the majority of those patients will not leave.  Ringing any bells?

Stop Wasting Marketing Dollars

The fact is, you can spend a ton of money on marketing.  I have been in dental marketing for years and I have seen no fiscal investment outweigh a dentist who is willing to invest time in their community and social media.  Referrals will always be your strongest marketing pipeline.  When I say strongest, I mean those patients that stay with you for years, that make their recall appointments, that accept treatment and that pay their debts.  Quality patients.  That is the bread and butter of profitable dentistry.

Will quality patients walk-in off the street, too?  Absolutely.  But, delighting your existing patient base will work wonders for your bottom line versus trying to win over cold leads.  Invest in your practice, in your team, and in your patients.  Connect with the community.  Start a blog.  Branding is where I’ve seen dental practices really take their marketing to the next level, and I have tried it all.

In the coming months, I’m going to be sharing a lot of content that I hope you enjoy and that can help you and your colleagues see real growth.  I look forward to the journey together.


Get your free copy today!  CLICK HERE:

Dental SEO Mistakes

How To Create & Curate Dental Content

Once upon a time, there was a dental practice, and it was very successful.  This dental practice knew that the secret to winning more business and growing their brand was to produce quality content for their patient base and their families — content with the power to engage, persuade and gain trust.  The dental practice thrived, and they all lived happily ever after.  The end.

If only it really was like that in the real world.  Unfortunately, when it comes to content, so many marketing agencies and dental professionals focus on metrics, measurements and monthly results rather than quality.  It’s true that clicks, likes, follows and traffic referrals are important, but if you really want to experience optimal conversion rates, quality is where it is at.  That’s right.  Content is king!

The Hallmarks and Benefits of Good Quality Content

Search engines are getting better and better at sniffing out poor quality content.  Algorithm updates, such as Google Penguin, are designed to give users a better search experience.  If your content isn’t up to snuff, you may drop off of Google’s radar completely.  It’s difficult to curate and generate your own content.  You may not be a proficient writer, you may not understand where to start, you may be blogging but not effectively using keyword structure, etc.  Truth be told… creating content is hard.  Creating consistent dental content is harder.  Creating dental content to engage, inform and inspire current and future patients is hardest.  Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep Google and your target audience happy. Here are some ways to deliver consistently good quality content across your marketing platforms:

Keywords Are Important, but Use Them Only When Necessary

Not only will too many keywords make your content seem like spam, but you could get penalized by the search engines or even removed from search engine rankings altogether. Use keywords when relevant, and research the most effective keywords so that you get the best returns from your content.  Also, try to develop content that isn’t self-serving.  Bring value to your end user.  Give them something that enriches and improves their life.  This develops trust and begins to solidify you and your dental practice as an “authority” to not only the Google algorithms, but to the public.

Write Social Content

By creating content that is attractive to social media users, you create a buzz and have a better chance of your content getting shared far and wide.  Make your dental content fun.  Don’t make a blog post that reads like a textbooks and delves into every scientific, multi-syllable word you can remember from dental school.  Keep it short, simple and easy to read.  Throw in a sense of humor and give the reader some insight into your personality.  There may be thousands of dentists out there, but there is only one dentist like you.  Find out what about you, your practice, your treatment options, etc. makes you different.  Better.  What gives you an edge?  Once you find it… BLAST IT!  Start building your dental marketing strategy and content strategy around your uniqueness.  People want something that resonates instead of repeats.

Create Useful Content

By creating content that is of great use and interest to your target audience, you generate trust and give your visitors a reason to return. Content that solves a problem or gives away useful information for free will make your website irresistible to search engines and visitors alike.  Quality dental content doesn’t have to be boring.  Make it fun!  Everyone needs a dentist in their life.  Thanks to technology, you have the opportunity to engage and interact with your patient base all-day, every-day.  Keep your patients informed and making healthy dental choices.  Show them you care.  That you want to provide them quality care from a genuine motivation of concern for their health.  People want that connection and care.  Give them that.  Use your content to convey that and watch what happens in your practice.

Write Engaging Content on Other Websites

Writing guest blogs on good quality websites is a great way to generate interest in your website and also get traffic by way of back links.  Just make sure you choose relevant and reputable websites so that you target the right audience and protect your reputation.  Look into what dental publications are out there and offer to write a feature for their site.  Contact local publications and ask if they’d like an oral health feature.  Put your content on LinkedIn or Pinterest.  Whatever you can think of, GO FOR IT!  Put yourself out there!

Create Search Optimized Content For Your Dental Practice

SEO draws out of many areas, from keyword saturation earning backlinks to internal linking, all the way to basing an entire page around ranking your site for a single keyword. There are tons of methods for deploying effective SEO and getting ranked on those all important search engine results pages.

Here are simple, yet often not attended, techniques you should start implementing to see definitive results in your dental practice marketing.

Make It Organic, Not Processed

If you’re riddling your pages with tons of different keywords, it starts to look like it was slammed together haphazardly.  To reach organic form, you want to lay down rules and be smart about each individual case. The following are good rules to follow when writing articles for anything and everything:

  • Each page focuses on one (preferably long-tail) keyword. This is the focus and what you base your rules on. Other keywords should pop up naturally, and should only be leveraged if it reads completely organically.
  • Mention your keyword one time in the introductory paragraph.
  • Mention your keyword at least once, no more than twice, in each body paragraph.
  • Mention you keyword one time in the closing statement.

This ensures readability, but still gets that page optimized.

Title Your Territory

Your targeted keywords should be in your permalinks as well as any H1 titles. If you can’t get it in one or both of these, mention it at least a couple of times in your H2 section headers. But don’t title just for the sake of titling—make sure your titles fit. If your keyword can’t sensibly fit into your titles or permalinks for any reason, you need to restructure your page so they can.

Newer Is Better

If your website offers any kind of content, you want to schedule regular content releases. It doesn’t matter in what frequency but instead that you stick with that schedule. If you can only do one content update per week, go with that. If you can manage once per day, that’s awesome.

You could even post on weekends, or on three set days in the week, or anything at all. Just don’t overwhelm yourself and get burned out—that’ll make sticking to the schedule very hard.

Remember that if you can easily implement a simple technique into your SEO, that’s worth more than you might think. Every bit counts, and despite the simple nature of these tips, you’ll be surprised how much they help.